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Under The Umbra Ep 12 – Summary and Check-In, or… Start Here and then go back to the beginning!

September 15, 2023

In this episode, I’m reviewing some of my values for the show and how they might show up differently than you think, and offering a summary of my key takeaways of Empathy, Collaboration, Boundaries and Power. No co-host this week. Just me talking into a microphone at yoOoooOooouuUuuu, my listeners! If you like conversations more […]

Under The Umbra Ep 11 – Power Part 3 of 3 …finally

September 1, 2023

In this episode, we’re discussing Power! This is part 3 of 3, finally! The Co-Host is Ian, not currently findable! The next episode will be a summary of the last five topics. Sections Resources Transcript of the Elec-ture, below. Credits This is Under the Umbra: Using Empathy and Collaboration to Navigate a World of Shadows. […]

Under The Umbra Ep 10 – Power Part 2 of 3

August 2, 2023

In this episode, we’re discussing Power! This is part 2 of 3. The Co-Host is my longtime friend Ian, and he and his girlfriend have an upcoming project of artisan soap. I’ll share more info once they get it set up. If you’d like to help out or mentor them on soap distribution, let me […]

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