Under The Umbra Ep 09 – Power Part 1 of 3

In this episode, we’re discussing Power! This is part 1 of 3. The Co-Host is my longtime friend Ian, and…...

In this episode, we’re discussing Power!

This is part 1 of 3.

The Co-Host is my longtime friend Ian, and he and his girlfriend have an upcoming project of artisan soap. I’ll share more info once they get it set up. If you’d like to help out or mentor them on soap distribution, let me (Electra) know and I’ll get you in contact!


  • 0:00:00    Intro Credits
  • 0:01:06    Introduction Chat
  • 0:10:36    Ian's Intro section and our relationship via Japan
  • 0:12:13    Grounding Prayer
  • 0:13:09    talking about Power in conflict
  • 0:14:23    Alicia Garza and #BLM - 2015 - power TO versus power OVER
  • 0:15:12    Sword of Damacles and Power - hidden costs, hidden anxiety
  • 0:18:00    more about Power To and cold rational wielding stems from Western beliefs about purity reductionism and hierarchy; can compare to Eastern philosophy of phasic and overlapping nature of reality, relative and holographic; and realize There Is An Alternative
  • 0:21:50 Philosophies/paradigms are Made True through punishing or ignoring anything that disagrees and rewarding and extolling anything that confirms it, so in the US linear hierarchies look like There Is No Alternative; this makes people who could use Power To inclined to disavow their power because it's associated with Power Over as the only option when it isn't.
  • 0:22:54    What happens when we disavow our Power? 1) We don't act when we could, and 2) When we do act, we flail and clumsily cause harm. Also informed by Heart Of Business class Money & Power "I am wearing sturdy boots" analogy
  • 0:24:33    Linear Hierarchy is linked to Zero-Sum Game; a reminder that there is also an alternative to that thinking. News correspondent and Wealth Pie; Terry Pratchett and Poverty Is Expensive Boots parable
  • 0:28:58    Dacher Keltner's The Power Paradox and useful definitions (derived from trying to do research and get specific): Control = influence over self and immediate environment; Power = Influence over others and larger environment
  • 0:31:10 Digression about Alpha Males and debunking that whole concept
  • 0:35:05    Sidebar - Diving Reflex - splashing cold water on your face triggers nervous system state-change?
  • 0:36:20    The Power Paradox: you are given power (influence over others) when you are kind, trustworthy, and of service; but if you perceive you have power and attempt to use it for control, you can lose trustworthiness and then lose power.
  • 0:37:19    Outro Credits

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